Lawrence High School

Class of 1963

Lawrence Kansas

Welcome to a revision of the class web site. We are currently working to rebuild the web site due to the death of Scott Nelson, our very talented web developer. We do not have access to the code he used to develop the site, so we are having to develop a new site. Please excuse the new look, we do not have Scott’s artistic abilities.


The first pages we have to update are the remembrances. You can click on the above tab to see the new page with added photos of those that have left us.


You can click on the tab below to proceed to the old web site, which still contains all of the reunion photos and contact information.

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Latest Updates

July 26, 2022

We are going to have a party. You are invited to attend the 60th anniversary of the class of 1963. The date is August 11-13, 2023. Headquarters will be Spring Hill Suites in downtown Lawrence, Kansas. For this event, we will publish a year book with updated information you provide. Please click on the Year Book button to update your information.

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